Board or Committee Meeting
Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 7:00pm






January 11, 2018

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Introduction of new members Donna Dempsey and Ken Skrivseth
  5. Feasibility studies for extension of Riverfront Park and expansion of Robert J. DiPietro Community Center.
  6. Grant application for a universally accessible playground at Leo Wilson Park.
  7. Property acquisitions
  • 7041 Contee Rd. Development/Flester Management-multi use field to be developed
  • Andersons Corner-To be determined
  1. Clean water study at Sweitzer Park
  2. Creation of Laurel Arts Council
  • Art in Public Places
  • Laurel High School participation
  1. Youth Services Bureau-fully operational
  2. Review of current facility rental policy






January 11, 2018



The meeting began at 7:00p.m.

Members Present: Virginia Scagliarini, Eileen Collins, Ken Skrivseth, Donna Dempsey

Staff Present: Councilwoman Valerie Nicholas, Joanne Barr and Jennifer Carmen

Introductions of new committee members were made; Ken Skrivseth and Donna Dempsey.

Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed. Eileen Collins made a motion to approve. Virginia Scagliarini seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.



  • The City has commissioned a feasibility study to begin the process of looking into the possibility of expanding the path along Riverfront Park past Rt. 1 behind Fred Frederick and the American Legion, continuing behind the Shopping Center and under the Rt. 198 bridge to the Stephen Turney Recreation Complex. The engineering study includes possible ways of crossing under Rt. 1 and then having a pedestrian bridge cross into Howard County to bypass the sheer drop. Howard County is aware that we would like to connect with their Hiker/Biker system. Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland would all be involved. This is a long range project; there is currently no time frame for this project.
  • Phase II of this plan would extend the path behind Turney Field to the Greens of Patuxent. New development at Patuxent Greens may impact these plans.
  • The City’s Emergency Operations Manager is looking into a grant from FEMA for flood mitigation         in that area that might help with the construction of the bridge under Rt. 1.
  • Program Open Space (POS) monies would be used for this project.


  • Another feasibility study will look at the possibility of expanding the Robert J. DiPietro    Community Center to provide more gym space. There are no plans or funding available at this time for building another Community Center.
  • The Department has submitted a Community Playgrounds grant to replace the playground area at Leo Wilson Park. The submission is for a universally accessible playground with enhanced paths, a new pavilion and additional handicapped parking. Many of the features of the playground would be sensory based. Spring would be the earliest that we would hear if we get the grant.
  • 7041 Contee Rd.-Flester/Strittmatter developer will build a multi use field to give to the City to fulfill their required Adequate Facilities requirement. The City Council has approved this; we are unsure at this time what else will go in this space.
  • A second property, the Anderson Corner area at Konterra is being considered for a Butler Building which will be an enclosed multiuse sports facility. City Staff will be visiting other agencies to see how they are using similar structures.
  • The City is working with the Prince Georges County Clean Water Partnership adding some landscaping around the small lake and adding forebays in the large lake to help control sediment. The forebays contain sediment which makes dredging much easier. Riprap will be used for shore maintenance. No vegetation from the shore will be removed. Some tree trunks may be wrapped with chicken wire to protect them from the beavers. The Cleanwater Partnership will also be looking at the pond at Sweitzer Park. A study needs to be done to determine if it is a natural water source or storm water. This area also may be a habitat for a species of owl. The Department is also looking at putting in a Pavilion and fitness pad at this park. The study will need to be completed before we move forward.
  • The City is participating in the Patuxent River Challenge. This consists of 14 sites along the Patuxent River for participants to visit and document. Our site is at the overlook at the Dam Ruins. Howard County, Calvert County and St. Mary’s County also will be participating. More information will be coming out soon.
  • The Mayor has formed an eleven member Laurel Arts Council to promote the Arts in the City. They have been meeting monthly and are moving forward with programs to promote Art in Public Places. They are currently looking at painted benches in some of the park areas and a concrete mosaic tile bench and/or a mosaic tile mural at the Pool. They will also be working with the Laurel Board of Trade’s Second Saturday program.
  • The Department now has a Youth Service Bureau, Laurel Helping Hands, to address Youth, Teen and Family challenges with mental health and other issues such as drug and alcohol abuse. The Mayor and Mary Lehman brought this to the City when Prince Georges County decided to discontinue their programs. This program is partially funded by Prince Georges County and State of Maryland Grants. Offices are located in the Laurel Armory and staffing includes a Clinical Director, and three auxiliary counselor positions. We are looking to include three part time benefitted positions in the FY 2019 budget. Services are provided on a sliding scale rate schedule, no one will be denied services because of an inability to pay.
  • The Department and Administration is reviewing facility rental rate policies as it pertains to waivers for community organizations.


  • City Health Fair at the Laurel Armory on January 28
  • MLK Day of Service

The Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm

The next meeting will be in April.

Repectfully submitted,




Office Manager


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