Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm


Meeting-March 13, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.



  1. Take roll
  2. Review and vote on accepting minutes from the February 13 meeting



  1. Welcome Clayton and Trina
    1. What communications do you use to reach your audience for art events?
    2. How do you think that DCLA and LAC can work together to support the community surrounding art?
    3. Since you were involved when the Arts & Entertainment District got started, what have been some of the obstacles to developing and promoting it?
    4. How do you identify and choose artists for pop-ups?
    5. How do you attract businesses to work with you to provide pop-up venues?
    6. What suggestions can you make for us as we approach the April 14 Second Saturday event?
    7. How can we ensure its success in both obtaining more artists and in garnering more attendees?
    8. Have you ever partnered with the City of Laurel?
  2. Vice Chair Election
  3. Funding and Grants Update
    1. Update on Budget Request
    2. Update on LAC Fund Policy
    3. Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants (Deadline: March 31)
  4. Second Saturday Artist Block Fair (Saturday, April 14th from 1-3pm)
    1. Artist signup update (Leigha)
      1. 112 clicks from the shortened link
      2. Performing artists and DJ/MC (Steven?)
        1. Equipment and electricity
    2. Marketing and promotion (general public)
    3. How will LAC participate day-of?
      1. Table with flyers and signup sheet
      2. Art activity
      3. Accept donations
    4. What supplies do we need?
      1. Name tags
      2. LAC banner and supplies to hang the banner (P&R)
      3. Tablecloth/s (P&R)
      4. Table and chairs (Second Saturday)
      5. 2 clipboards, multiple pens (P&R)
      6. Papers and flyers:
        1. Signup sheet (Newsletter, Artist Roster, Mosaic Project)
        2. Newsletter example (April?)
        3. Bench project flyer
      7. Art activity supplies?
      8. Donation jar/container
    5. LAC signup sheet to be distributed in email
  5. Arts Education & Public Art Update
    1. Funding:
      1. Historical Society
      2. Youth Arts Funding to buy clay for the high school class tiles
  6. Public Relations & Event Planning Update
    1. Laurel Library is reviewing dates in Aug and Sept 2018 to consider for the Photo Contest
    2. Shot the first two Laurel TV promos:
      1. Inform the community about the NEW Laurel Arts Council
      2. Inform the community about the April Second Saturday
    3. The March Newsletter featured artist L. Anjanine Kvale and has a section informing the community about the new Artist Roster along with the link to sign-up if interested
    4. There will be a special newsletter created solely dedicated to the Artist Roster and its purpose
    5. Michelle Moore wants to volunteer for the LAC. What is the policy to accept volunteers? Her email is starred in the Laurel Arts Council general email, which is in the Google Drive.
  7. Strategic Planning
    1. One-on-one meetings with Laurel artists and groups
    2. Survey the public, businesses, stakeholders
    3. Hold open meeting
  8. Update on Ordinance violation fines for dancing/open mic nights at Ragamuffin Café and Mainstreet
  9. Artist Roster
  10. Send subcommittee summaries and bullet points for the agenda to Kelsey by Friday, April 6
  11. Next meeting will be on April 10 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Laurel Municipal Center in Meeting Room 2















Subcommittee Summaries:


Public Relations & Event Planning:

The PR & Events Planning subcommittee met on Mar 1, 2018. We discussed the contents of the March 2018, newsletter, which included features artist L. Anjanine Kvale who works with pastels.  The newsletter will talk about the new Artist Roster along with the link to sign-up. We have decided to create a special newsletter discussing the purpose of the Artist Roster.  Steven will be picking up a camera from Laurel T.V. sometime this month to shoot an introductory promo. Kelsey will be the featured person for the opening promo which will inform the community about the newly created LAC and its functions.


Funding & Grants:

The Funding subcommittee submitted the LAC Fund Policy that was approved by the LAC body to Joanne to be reviewed by the City. In addition, we have been working on the Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants  (Deadline: March 31).


Public Art and Arts Education:

Public Art and Arts Education met in two groups on different days at Sip to discuss upcoming projects and events.

On February 20 Cheryl met with Kevin Holder and Annette Williams at Laurel high School. Annette is the ceramics teacher and is interested in partnering with us on our two projects: the bench and the mosaic wall. She can make tiles with her students if we supply the clay.

Students can use time spent with us for community service hours.

Nadia created a flyer to enlist community participation in the bench project. We will pass these out on April 14 and also keep a list of interested people.

Melissa and Cheryl met with Leigha and Amanda (Local Lynx) to discuss April 14th event and how we can get the word out. We also talked about arrangement of artists on the space. Leigha printed flyers which Melissa and Cheryl will distribute.

Steven is searching for musical events for the April 14th Day and he agreed to dj for a bit. However, we still need sound equipment. Alisa is also helping to enlist musical participants. 

We are contacting the new editor at the Laurel Leader and again putting the word out in the schools and neighborhoods for more artists and musicians.


Strategic Planning:

Instead of making assumptions about what the community would like, the Strategic Planning subcommittee proposes that we hold one-on-one meetings with Laurel artists and groups, survey the public, and talk with local businesses and key stakeholders. We are also proposing that the LAC host an open meeting where everyone is welcome to attend and share their opinion on the arts in Laurel and the LAC. We are in the process are formulating and refining the questions to ask.









Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants (Deadline: March 31)



Describe the intended use of the grant funds.  Either after the questions below or on a separate page, provide sufficient details so that the Council Member can readily associate the fund use(s) described here with the budget document provided by the grant applicant.










1.    Who is the target population (i.e., who will benefit)?   Population within Laurel, MD


2.  What type(s) of service(s) and/or program(s) will be provided? – See options below


3.  Where will the service(s) be provided and/or the program(s) be conducted in Prince George’s County?           

In the city limits of Laurel, MD                                                                                                                  


(M) FINANCIAL INFORMATION:     Current Fiscal Year Budget $

(Attach a copy of the most recent budget)






Laurel Arts Council will use the funds to purchase materials to create a glass/mirror/tile mosaic, representing the historical connection between the city and the Patuxent River. We will enlist the help of local high school students in this work.                                                                                




Laurel Arts Council will use funds to purchase sound equipment and marketing supplies related to holding events in a public forum.                                                                      





Laurel Arts Council will use the funds to purchase materials to create an art bench covered in clay tiles depicting images related to life in Laurel.                      

We will encourage collaboration with a variety of city residents.                                                                                       






Meeting Minutes
March 13, 2018

The Laurel Arts Council (LAC) held its meeting from 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm at the Laurel Municipal Center in Laurel, MD on March 13, 2018. Chair Kelsey Eustace called the meeting to order.

Present: Laverne Debnam, Charles Devillier, John Drago, Cheryl Dyer, Steven Echeverry, Kelsey Eustace, Christian Givens, Melissa Holland, Nadia Janjua, Alisa Kerr, Leigha Steele (Economic Development Office - EDO)

Absent: Joanne Barr (Department of Parks & Recreation – DPR)

Guests: Clayton Cooper, Trina Kvale (DC|LA Arts)

The minutes of the February 13, 2018 meeting were approved by all LAC members with no edits.



  1. Vice Chair Charles Devillier will be resigning from the Laurel Arts Council. Chair Kelsey requested nominations for the Vice Chair position, or interim Vice Chair position to vote on at next LAC meeting in April 2018. Melissa Holland volunteered to fill the Vice Chair position in the interim until a Vice Chair can be elected. This will not impact her subcommittee assignments.
  2. Funding & Grants Updates
    1. Vice Chair Charles reviewed LAC’s submission request to Prince George’s County Council for a Special Appropriation Grant.
    2. Members voted to request funds for the Arts Education & Public Art project involving glass/mirror/tile mosaic project representing a historical connection between the City and the Patuxent River.
      • Nadia, Cheryl and Melissa will work on rewording the description of project and submit to Kelsey by March 16, 2018. Kelsey will submit Grant application by March 31, 2018.
  3. Guests Trina Kvale & Clayton Cooper from DC|LA Arts shared their organization’s history and marketing and event promotion advice based on their experiences. In 2012, they started working with LADC (Laurel Arts District Committee) as volunteers. In 2015, DC|LA Arts, LLC was officially founded.
    1. Modes of communication used for outreach:
  • The Laurel Leader
  • Social Media
  • Mass mailing list
  • Word of mouth
  • Become members of groups to reach communities, such as Oldtown Laurel List, Laurel Arts Guild, West Laurel groups, NextDoor
    1. DC|LA Arts is open to collaboration with LAC, and willing to give advice on how to take our endeavors to the next level.  
    2. In terms of obstacles to developing and promoting art, Clayton mentioned that LAC is fortunate to have many resources at hand, and access to facilities such as Armory and Pool Room. Leigha (EDO) mentioned there are about 12 different rooms we could rent, and fee could possibly be waived since LAC is part of the City.
    3. DC|LA Arts mainly selects artists for shows through their mailing list, referrals, and word of mouth.
    4. DC|LA Arts attracts businesses and venues for events by physically getting the word out there and speaking directly to individuals or groups.   
    5. Suggestions for Second Saturday April 14th event:
      • Artists are signing up but not getting any feedback, so there needs to be better follow up. A confirmation needs to be sent to artists weeks in advance.
        1. Leigha (EDO) will get contact information from Second Saturday coordinator Amanda Fields, and Chair Kelsey will send a confirmation email from the LAC to all participants.
    6. How to obtain more artists and attendees:
      • Social media – LAC must set up a Facebook page
      • Handing out printed fliers to community
      • Add people to your mailing list with their permission
      • Create LAC business cards and hand them out to artists
  1. Second Saturday Artist Block Fair (April 14th from 1-3pm)
    1. Cheryl, Melissa and Steven will look into power and sound equipment availability
    2. Leigha (EDO) will contact a vendor to supply food
    3. Steven will MC and introduce performing artists at event
  2. Next Meeting will be on April 10, 2018 from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Laurel Municipal Center in Meeting Room 2.



Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. 

Nadia Janjua                                                                               Date: April 9, 2018