Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 6:30pm


  1. Take roll
  2. Review and vote on accepting minutes from December 12 meeting


New Business

  1. Winter Weather
  2. Transparency, Open Calls
  3. Artist Roster (including Arts Teachers)
  4. Subcommittee Reporting
    1. Summary to Chair and Vice Chair
    2. Bulleted discussion items for agendas to Chair
  5. Meeting with the Mayor
    1. Overview
    2. Photography Contest/Book/Calendar
    3. Suggesting Legislation
    4. Authorization to Use City’s Seal
  6. Budgeting by subcommittee
    1. Establish council budget target for February submission
  7. City of Laurel Open House: Sunday, March 4th from 1-4pm at the Municipal Center
    1. Will we participate?
    2. What will we do? Table with members to answer questions? Art activity?
  8. Will LAC sponsor 1-2 Laurel Board of Trade 2nd Saturday Events in 2018?
    1. Another Art Walk?
    2. Which month/s?
  9. Strategic Planning Update
    1. Mission, Goals, Vision, and Approach
  10. Funding/Grantmaking Update
    1. LAC Fund Policy (DRAFT)
    2. Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grants (Deadline: March 31)
    3. Finalization of organizational setup needed for application to DataArts application to create our Cultural Data Profile (CDP)
      1. Mission Statement
      2. Budget
      3. System of Record
      4. Need this information available?
        1. Mission statement
        2. Federal ID ?
        3. Classification Codes:
    4. NTEE: National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities
    5. NISP: National Standards for Arts Information Exchange Program
    6. Expenses less than $50K we can complete the “short form”
    7. Grant writing workshops
    8. NEA Our Town grants
  11. Public Relations & Event Planning Update
    1. The Jan 2018 Newsletter featured Andre Taylor known as Brenardo the Poet.
    2. Spoke to Joyce Jackson at Laurel T.V. about creating 2-minute promotions introducing the Laurel Arts Council and featuring local artists.
    3. Follow-up with Joyce Jackson to occur in Jan 2018.
    4. Spoke with Karen Louma at Laurel Library to see how the Laurel Arts Council can use their space to meet with the public to talk about who we are and what we do. Discussed holding events at their facility, encouraged by Karen to meet in Jan at the library to see how efforts can be partnered.
    5. If you have any events that you would like submitted for the February newsletters, please email them to Christian by email (please note that all events submitted will not make it into the newsletter)
  12. Arts Education & Public Art Update
    1. Ideas proffered by John Drago (from an earlier meeting with Cheryl) on Public Art:
      1. Don’t place it in or near a playground
      2. Ask for a detailed map of city properties
      3. Go to prospective sites and imagine what type of work would suit that particular space
    2. NEAR-TERM proposals:
      1. Extend DPR’s Bench Art, collaborate with Laurel High for additional bench
        1. Cost to City = $100 (if wood) $__? (if concrete or stone) + paints or mosaics
        2. Locate on Main St, Farmer’s Market space
        3. Paint/mosaic it in place vs. in school
      2. Install 1 or 2 Mobile (“Little Free”) Libraries, collaboration between Senior Center woodworking class for box, LHS for painting
        1. The first one has been installed by Margie McCeney in her front yard at 510 Prince George Street. She had been working on this for a long time and didn’t know anything about the city’s efforts in this direction, but her idea coordinated with others’ plans to use recycled materials, in this case, an abandoned newspaper dispenser.
        2. Cost to city = paints
        3. Locate – Park or Main St
      3. Concert, Second Sat April 2018, 15-min performances by ensembles Laurel High, Pallotti High
        1. Cost to city = ?
        2. Propose to Ec Dev Office, LBOT, school music teachers
    3. LONGER TERM (2019-20) proposals: involves getting budget, grants
      1. Arts Education Mosaic Mural 
      2. Main St Painted Mural (2019)
        1. Cost to city = artist(s) ?
        2. Locate – Building TBD
        3. Cheryl is mapping Arts District with John D. to identify public bldgs and spaces
        4. Develop RFP for artists to work with residents or students
      3. Bridge or other infrastructure - sculpture, engraving, or mosaic  (2020) – ditto from #2 Mural
      4. Emancipation Park performances (Steven’s music colleagues) (2019)
        1. Cost to city = equipment and set up ($1000)
        2. Spring 2019

Next meeting will be on February 13th from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Laurel Municipal Center in Meeting Roo


Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2018

The Laurel Arts Council (LAC) held its meeting from 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm at the Laurel Municipal Center in Laurel, MD on January 9, 2018. Chair Kelsey Eustace called the meeting to order.

Present:  Alisa Kerr, Steven Echeverry, Cheryl Dyer, Charles Devillier, Kelsey Eustace, Melissa Holland (by phone), John Drago, Laverne Debnam, Christian Givens, Joanne Barr (Department of Parks & Recreation - DPR), Leigha Steele (Economic Development Office)

Absent: Brenda Wheeler, Nadia Janjua    

The minutes of the December 12, 2017 meeting were approved by all LAC members.

New Business   


1.  Winter Weather:  Joanne Barr stated that in case the Municipal Center closes due to inclement weather on the day of a scheduled LAC meeting, the DPR will send a group email notifying members of the closing.

2.  Transparency, Open Calls:  Kelsey Eustace reminded members of the need for public calls to ensure openness and objectivity in selecting artists and performers for LAC events and exhibits.

3.  Artist Roster (including arts teachers). To develop a roster of local artists, Steve Echeverry offered to create an online data form that respondents can fill in with relevant information. Joanne Barr offered to post this form in a call for artists on the P&R and/or City’s Facebook page as appropriate. In addition, members recommended that the form be provided to Montpelier Arts Center and to the Laurel Arts District Committee. It was agreed that the roster may include artists who live outside the City of Laurel.

4.  Subcommittee Reporting:  Kelsey requested that each subcommittee (a) send bulleted discussion items to her for monthly meeting agendas, and (b) send a summary of activities to her and to Charles, with a copy to Nadia for attachment to the end of each meeting agenda.

5.  Meeting with the Mayor:  Kelsey and Charles reported on their meeting with Mayor Moe, who indicated that (a) there is no formal City budget line for the LAC, but projects can be funded from his personal mayoral budget or by DPR; (b) grants should be considered as an option and not integral to the LAC mission; (c) the LAC must fill out a form requesting authorization to use the City of Laurel seal for its official business (this has been submitted and approved); (d) the LAC may suggest legislation to help effect change that promotes the arts in Laurel; (e) The Mayor also suggested that the LAC could run a photography contest and produce a calendar and/or book of photographs to help publicize the sights, history, and events that Laurel offers. LAC members agreed to this idea and Kelsey noted that an evaluation panel would need to be convened to select from photographs entered. It was suggested that this panel could include the Mayor, members of the City Council, the DPR, and the Historic District Commission, among others. The responsibility for the contest and the resulting publication was given jointly to the subcommittees for Public Relations & Event Planning and for Public Art.

6.  Budgeting by Subcommittee: Members were reminded to send their funding requests to Charles so the LAC can establish a budget target for February submission to the City.                                   Reporting together, the Arts Education and the Public Art subcommittees gave rough estimates for their proposed projects to cover expenses for required materials: a mosaic tiled concrete bench, a mosaic mural possibly for the city swimming pool, and installation of one or more “Little Free” Libraries, which are neighborhood book exchanges. Cheryl noted that a public sculpture, such as the osprey at Laurel Lake, would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and might require funding by means of an external grant or a combination of public and private funds. Public Relations & Events also made an estimate of expenditures for FY19. City of Laurel Open House: Members agreed that the LAC would participate in the City’s Open House, scheduled for Sunday, March 4th from 1-4 p.m. at the Municipal Center.  Joanne said that a table will be provided to the LAC to showcase its activities. It was decided that the details of what the LAC presents will be discussed at the February meeting.

  1. Laurel Board of Trade (LBOT) 2nd Saturday Events: Members agreed to sponsor two 2nd Saturday events in 2018, in April and in October, modeled on the Art Walk staged in October 2017. For the April event, the LAC will promote the call for artists and performers and will also create and distribute advertising flyers, to supplement the publicity put out by the City and the Laurel Board of Trade.
  2. Strategic Planning Update: Members voted to accept the statement of Mission, Goals, Vision, and Approach drafted by the Strategic Planning subcommittee. This statement is necessary to include in any grant proposals submitted by the LAC.
  3. Funding/Grantmaking Update: Members reviewed the first draft of the LAC Fund Policy circulated at the meeting. Suggestions were made and an updated version will be prepared for review at the February meeting. LAC members voted on and agreed to proceed with seeking a Prince George’s County Special Appropriation Grant (due March 2018).
  4. Public Relations & Event Planning Update: Laverne Debnam reported on contacting Laurel T.V. about creating 2-minute promotions introducing the Laurel Arts Council and featuring local artists. The subcommittee will follow up with Joyce Jackson of Laurel T.V. in January. Laverne also reported speaking with Karen Louma at Laurel Public Library to explore partnerships with the LAC. Topics included ways the LAC might use library space for introductory meetings with the public as well as for holding arts events. A follow-up meeting at the library is planned for January 18. Laverne reminded members to email events for the February newsletter to Christian Givens.
  5. Arts Education & Public Art Update. In addition to the projects proposed for inclusion in funding requests (see Item 6), Cheryl and John Drago plan to review all the city properties to identify prospective sites for public art. John mentioned requesting detail map of city properties showing buildings and spaces which are publicly owned. Marty Flemion (City Administrator) was available to provide copies. John also volunteered to serve on the Public Art subcommittee and was accepted. Cheryl proposed to use the City’s Open House in March and the April 14th Saturday event as ways to publicize the Arts Education and Public Art subcommittees’ mosaic tile projects and to launch a call for artists/the public to paint tiles. Joanne suggested that the project could also be included in the City’s Recreation brochure that is delivered to every home if the materials were submitted in time for the spring issue.



    13. Next Meeting will be on February 13, 2018 from 6:30-8:00 pm in Meeting Room 2.


    Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. 

Melissa Holland, Second Secretary                                      Date: January 21, 2018     

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