Board or Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 6:30pm


Laurel Arts Council

Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2017

6:00 p.m.- Laurel Municipal Center


In attendance-Mayor Moe, Joanne Barr-Parks and Recreation Director, Leigh Steele- Economic Development Coordinator, Laverne Debnam, Charles Devillier, John Drago, Cheryl Dyer , Steven Echeverry, Kelsey Eustace,  Christian Givens, Nadia Janjua, Alisa Kerr, Brenda Wheeler, Melissa Holland-conference call



Mayor Moe welcomed the members and distributed a copy of Ordinance No. 1908, establishing the City of Laurel Arts Council.  Mayor Moe discussed a little about his vision for the Arts Council as well as provided an explanation of the procedures that all appointed councils, commissions and committees follow.  Mayor Moe discussed the possibility of each member’s need to complete a financial disclosure statement that again, is standard to all councils, commissions and committees.  City Solicitor, Karen Ruff would be asked to give an opinion.  Mayor Moe suggested that the Arts Council members begin thinking about electing a chair, vice chair and secretary for the council, however he suggested that perhaps waiting a week to make the decision after members had an opportunity to get a little more comfortable with each other. The Mayor also outlined the City of Laurel staff’s role and responsibilities on the Arts Council.


New Business

The Following steps were outlined as first order of business for the Council:

Distribute member roster; members make corrections to master roster

Elect a secretary who will take and distribute meeting minutes as well as provide for a historical documentation of the committee.

Elect a chair and co-chair

Establish a meeting schedule and request a room assignment from Parks and Recreation

Brainstorm initial ideas for the Council to implement that are easily obtainable


Mr. Drago suggested that a treasurer be considered as a goal of the Council was to obtain grants and to fund raise.


Each member introduced themselves and provided information on their experiences and their vision for the Arts Councils.


A discussion was held and members provided some ideas for initiatives.  Leigh Steele provided information about the Board of Trade’s Second Saturday Event for October which happens to be an Art Walk on Main Street.  The Council members thought that would be a good place to start and scheduled a meeting on October 3rd to prepare for participation.  Additionally,

Kelsey Eustace suggested that we ask the City to participate in October as Arts and Humanities Month.  She agreed to send Joanne information to give to the Mayor’s Office to request a proclamation.


The Council brought up the following ideas for future discussion:

Hold an event every quarter showcasing a variety of artistic styles

Showcase and develop art for youth

Create a mobile studio program where artists open up their space for other artists to view/work in

Arts calendar with photos taken by members that showcase art around the city. Could be used as a fund raiser

Create an open air art market one Saturday a month from April through October

Look at venues around the city for art events and potential gallery pop ups


The group determined that a once a month meeting schedule was needed for now and settled on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30p.m.   Joanne will ensure that the meeting room at the Municipal Center is booked. 


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