Public Hearing
Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm



THURSDAY– FEBRUARY 23, 2017- 7:00 P.M.




  1. Roll Call.
  2. Approval of Minutes- December 22, 2016 Meeting.
  1. Special Exception Application No. 868; Resolution No. 17-01-BOA – 354 Main Street filed by ExclusiveBlu, requesting approval a special exception to operate a restaurant with live entertainment and roof-top seating/bar area.
  • Public Hearing on Application
  • Executive Session, if necessary
  • Final Action
  1. Adjourn.


Convened:  7:04P.M.


Board Members Present:    


Margaret A. Chenault, Chairwoman

Marlene Collins

Mary Eileen Leszcz

Dennis Whitley, III, Esquire


Staff Present:


Roger Thomas, Esquire, City of Laurel Legal Counsel

Jack T. Brock, Director, Department of Economic and Community Development

Christian L. Pulley, Assistant Director

Sara Green, Secretary


Citizens Present: 6


The minutes of the December 22, 2016 meeting were approved as written on motion by Mrs. Collins, seconded by Mrs. Leszcz, with Mr. Whitley abstaining from the vote, and carried on a roll call vote of all other members present.


Next, the Board heard the request for Special Exception Application No. 868, 354 Main Street, zoned Commercial Village (CV), filed by ExclusiveBlu c/o Mr. Patrick Davis, 354 ½ Main Street Laurel, Maryland 20707. Ms. Pulley completed the reading of the record for the administrative process that was completed by Staff and presented the Technical Staff Report stating that the Applicant was requesting approval to operate a restaurant with live entertainment and roof-top seating/bar area, to be located at 354 Main Street. Ms. Pulley stated that the Technical Staff Report recommended approval of the application.


Chairwoman Chenault noted that Ms. Tenika Felder, 6902 Forbes Boulevard Lanham, Maryland 20706 was signed up to speak regarding Agenda Item 3. Ms. Fedler stated that she was the Architect for Mr. Davis and was available for questions. Chairwoman Chenault asked Mr. Davis if he wanted to speak regarding the application or add anything to Ms. Pulley’s presentation. Mr. Davis did not have anything to add.


Chairwoman Chenault asked the Board if they had any questions. Mrs. Collins stated that she was a little concerned regarding the music and noise it would produce and asked if Mr. Davis was planning to have live music at the location. Mr. Davis stated that the music would be indoors only and that speakers would not be outside. Mrs. Collins asked if there would be a bar inside the building and on the proposed rooftop area. Mr. Davis said that there would be a bar in each area. Mr. Davis said that he was confident in his Architect and that all codes and requirements would be met.


Next, Mr. Dennis Shraft, Owner of 356 Main Street addressed the Board and stated that he had a tenant on the top floor of his building whose window would be less than ten (10) feet from the proposed rooftop area and that he was concerned about noise. Mr. Shraft stated that he would like to see a wall or sound barrier for the rooftop bar area at 354 Main Street to minimize noise. Ms. Felder, Redlef Group Architects, Architect for Mr. Davis addressed the Board and stated that there would be a full wall between the rooftop bar area and the neighboring property.


On motion by Mr. Whitley, seconded by Mrs. Collins and carried on a unanimous vote by all members present, Special Exception Application No. 868 and Resolution No. 17-01-BOA were approved as presented in the Technical Staff Report.


Adjournment:   7:21 P.M.



APPROVED: Sara Green, Secretary to the Board of Appeals                                                                                      DATE: May 25, 2017

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