Public Hearing
Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm







PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to be heard at this meeting, and you are not an applicant, please sign the speaker list provided on the table at the side of the room.


  • John Shay, City Solicitor for the City of Laurel will give a briefing on Ethics and Rules of Procedure for the Historic District Commission.


1.       Roll Call.

2.      Approval of the Minutes for the Regular HDC meeting held on July 19, 2016.

3.      HDC 001-2017 for 24 C Street, submitted by Joe Valentino, requesting approval to install a 2’ 6” X 10’ flatwall sign in a wood grain vinyl with black trim that says – Sip @C Street Flats – An Escape At Home - above the window and (2) hang a double sided non-illuminated Blade sign with the logo that says “Sip” on a black background with white lettering and white trim. This sign will hang to the left of the flatwall sign. It measures 30” diameter in a 30” round cabinet.  

4.      HDC 003-2017 for 606 Montgomery Street, submitted by Jessica Finn, requesting approval to install a new red front door with 2 small glass panels at the top.

5.      HDC 004-2017 for 333 Prince George Street, submitted by Oscar De La Puente, requesting approval to install 5 white vinyl windows with contour grids in the 2 over 1 style; 2 windows will be installed at the bottom front of the house, 2 windows will be installed on the right side of the house (1 top and 1 bottom), and 1 window will be installed in the back facing the PNC bank.

6.      HDC 005-2017 for 344 Main Street, submitted by Mary Gaskin, requesting approval to install a window graphic sign in the front window of the business that is 20.75” high X 65” wide. The logo is a head of hair in black. The white vinyl wording is “Natural Hair Care & Make Up Artistry” and a phone number.

7.      HDC 009-2017 for 338 ½ Main Street, submitted by Randolph Williams, requesting approval to (1) install a white and black window graphic sign in the front left pane of the window on the front of the building.  It is white lettering with some black on the graphic. The sign measures 25” high X 35” wide. The message is Clipper’s – A Man’s Luxury Barbershop, (2) install a 24” high X 120” wide flatwall sign above the window with a white background, black logo, black lettering and trim. The message is Clipper’s A Man’s Barbershop.  

8.      HDC 010-2017 for 328 Montgomery Street, submitted by Margaret Miller, requesting approval to build a 3’ 6” X 3’ 6” porch on the side of the sunroom using pressure treated lumber and install a full view door between two windows that were previously approved. The railings will match the wood railings on the back porch. The porch is behind a 6’ privacy fence.  

9.      HDC 012-2017  for 385 Main Street, submitted by Jeremy Tuinstra, Ragamuffins Coffee House, requesting approval to install a black and white painted stainless steel hanging sign to hang from the canopy.  The sign is 48” wide X 24” tall and the message is – ragamuffins – coffee house. The sign will be lit between the layers giving the wording a back glow.

Staff Approvals:

HDC 002-2017 for 421 Prince George Street, submitted by Karen Lubieniecki, requesting approval to repair sheds “In Kind”.

HDC 006-2017 for 356 Main Street, submitted by Cheryl Hinchliffe, requesting approval to install signage in the window the same as previous sign.

HDC 007-2017 for 507 Prince George Street, submitted by Nathaniel and Candace Pollock, requesting approval to replace gray roofing shingles with gray roofing shingles. 

HDC 008-2017 for 101/103 Washington Boulevard, submitted by Alison  Dustin, requesting approval to change her sign from black on white to white on black using the same design.

HDC 011-2017 for 505 Montgomery Street, submitted by Stephen Clements, requesting approval to paint the siding and shutters “In Kind”.        

10.    New Business.

11.    Adjourn.

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