05/11/2023 - 8:30am
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Seniors Services Events

Thursday, May 11 ~ Course # 10270

Join a Frederick resident as they share their passion for heritage tourism and history. Dine on your own locally. Tour Guide included. 

A Walking Tour of Frederick, Maryland - The Crossroads of Maryland I’m Don Burgess, a Frederick resident interested in sharing my passion for heritage tourism and historic preservation as they contribute to preserving and creating a city’s “Sense of Place.” I’ve been a history buff of this region for years, and my role on Facebook as Frederick Tour enables me to combine my love of things old with my skills with things new. I’m a semi-professional photographer who has photographed, shown, and sold images of Frederick, Harpers Ferry, and other regions. See more details about tour in itinerary below and at We can give tours year round. If it is raining/snowing (light) and you still want to take the tour, we can do that. If it is raining/snowing (hard), we can do a virtual "tour" indoors (groups of 8 or less). Upon request, we can offer theme tours such as churches, architecture, or Civil War, or even photo shoots.

Departure Time: 8:30 AM

Excursion Fee: $20.00

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