The City of Laurel Board of Election Supervisors was created and established in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland and the City of Laurel. The Board of Election Supervisors consists of a chairperson and four or more chief judges of elections. All members must be qualified voters of the City of Laurel . The Board is appointed by the Mayor for four year terms. The Clerk to the City Council also serves as the Clerk to the Board of Election Supervisors, and is qualified to handle all day to day information and answer questions.


The Board is charged with Supervising the General Elections of the City of Laurel, registration of voters and nominations for all City elections.


The Board meets periodically as needed and more frequently prior to General Elections. **Please note: From July through November 2023 it may be necessary for the Board of Election Supervisors to meet on short notice to consider election or candidate matters that may arise during the active General Election period. Interested members of the public are encouraged to check the City's Meetings and Agendas webpage frequently*** 

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Office of the City Council

The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Laurel, and considers and enacts resolutions, regulations, and ordinances for the protection of rights and privileges, peace, good government, and safety and health of all citizens.