The City of Laurel Board of Appeals was created and established by Ordinance No. 428, passed by the Mayor and City Council on February 27, 1961 under the authority of the provisions of Article 66B of the Annotated Code of Maryland. The Board is made up of five (5) citizen members and an alternate appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for three (3) year terms.


The Board is empowered to hold public hearings related to granting variances and special exceptions as well as decide appeals for any determination where it is alleged an error has been made. Decisions of the Board may be appealed to the Circuit Court.  All appeals must be filed through the Department of Economic and Community Development.


***Meetings are being held hybrid: in person or virutally through zoom***

The Board meets regularly each month, in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 8103 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel, MD. 

If you plan on making a presentation using a flash drive at the meeting, please contact the Secretary to the Board before the meeting.

The Public is welcomed and encouraged to attend. For information regarding agendas or related information call the Department of Economic and Community Development at 301-725-5300 ext. 2303.

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Economic & Community Development

    The Department of Economic and Community Development maintains and oversees the built environment within the City of Laurel. The department is responsible for zoning compliance, subdivision and development review, historic preservation review, economic development, affordable housing, and implementation of the City’s Master Plan. These activities are intended to improve the life quality in the City. Department staff strive to provide these services in a timely and efficient manner while promoting high-quality development which is compliant with State of Maryland regulations and statutes.