Real Property Taxes

Real property taxes are assessed and billed in advance on a fiscal year basis, commencing July 1 of each year. The City of Laurel Real Property Tax is included in the consolidated Prince George’s County tax bill. The current Laurel Real Property Tax Rate is $.71 per $100 Assessment Value.

Real property tax bills are issued in July, by the County, with payment due by September 30th. The liability for timely payment of the real property tax is the responsibility of the property owner, irrespective of whether a mortgage lender customarily makes payment from an escrow account.

During the spring of each year, the County processes requests from mortgage lenders to have original tax bills sent directly to the lender, in which case the property owner is issued a duplicate bill indicating that a lender has requested the original. Property owners should confirm with their respective mortgage lender that the lender intends to make payment. This is particularly true in the case of recent refinancing or transfer of mortgages between lenders. The Department of Budget and Personnel Services will assist property owners with issues or questions relating to lender tax payments; however, the ultimate responsibility for timely payment rests with the property owner(s).

Although Prince George's County processes the tax bills for the City, the Department of Budget and Personnel Services remain capable of addressing tax bill inquiries regarding account balance, tax rate and assessments.

More Information

All real property located within the City limits is subject to taxation, except that which is specifically exempt. Each property is reassessed every three years by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). The property assessment used by Prince George's County and the City of Laurel represents 100% of full cash value. The real property tax is levied annually on all taxable land and improvements. The tax rate, which is set each year by the Mayor and City Council, is currently $.71 per $100 of assessed value.

All property within the City limits is located in Prince George's County, District 10. The City uses the same property identification number as Prince George's County, in a format such as "10-123456."

Solid Waste Surcharge - All residents should see this charge on their tax bill.  It is for operation of the PG County Landfill and the Household Hazardous Waste Removal Program. 

Properties Outside the City Limits

Properties with a "Laurel" mailing address may not necessarily be located within the City limits. Properties in "Laurel 20707 and 20708" may be outside the City limits in Prince George's County. You can call Assessments at 301-952-2500 or Treasury at 301-883-7300 to find out if your property is within the CIty limits of Laurel.

Properties in "Laurel 20723" are always outside the City limits in Howard County, so you can call Assessments 410-461-0135 or Treasury at 410-313-2062.

Properties in "Laurel 20724" are always outside the City limits in Anne Arundel County, so you can call 410-222-1860.

The Department of Economic and Community Development provides a current street listing, showing which street addresses are located within the City limits. Please visit their City Limits and Addresses page or call 301-725-5300 extension 2303 to obtain this information.

Semi-Annual Tax Payment Plan

The State of Maryland authorized a mandatory semi-annual tax payment plan, whereby a property owner of an owner-occupied property can pay 50% of their property tax by September 30th and the remaining 50% by December 31st. Property owners not wishing to pay on a semi-annual basis must expressly opt out by notifying their mortgage company.   In the event that the second installment is not timely paid by December 31st, interest/penalty on the unpaid balance will accrue.

Business Personal Property Tax

All qualifying personal property located within the City limits is subject to taxation, except that which is specifically exempt. Personal property assessments are reported to the City and Prince George's County by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT), based on information submitted to the State on annual reports and personal property tax returns. The State assessment takes into account an allowance (similar to depreciation) based on the year the property was placed in service. The current City tax rate is $1.69 per $100 of assessed valuation. Assessments are reported periodically throughout the year based on the State assessor's timetable.

Late Payment Penalties

Taxes paid after September 30th are subject to a monthly 1.667% penalty/interest charge (20% per annum). Property owners, title companies or mortgage lenders may contact the Department of Budget & Personnel Services at 301-725-5300, ext. 2248, in order to obtain a current balance for outstanding taxes.

Real property taxes which are not received at the Prince George's County, Treasury Office, by March 31st  may be subject to tax sale. After that date, additional penalty/interest, legal and advertising charges relating to tax sale may accrue.

Unpaid personal property taxes are subject to a monthly 1.667% penalty/interest charge (20% per annum). In addition, delinquent taxes may be subject to collection activities including the flagging of a business traders license with Prince George's County.

If you have any questions regarding personal property tax assessments, you should contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation at 301 West Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201; the City cannot make any adjustments to assessments. SDAT adjustments are subsequently reported to the City of Laurel and Prince George's County for billing adjustment.

Credits and Exemptions

If you live in the City's Historic District and are planning repairs or restoration of your property, visit the Economic and Community Development page for information on the Historic District Tax Credit.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Home that is in Foreclosure, there is a new Tax Credit Program that the City of Laurel has approved.  Below are the Ordinance, Instructions and the Application for this Laurel Real Estate Tax Credit.

There are no other general taxpayer assistance programs available with respect to the City's real property taxes except the following administered by the State of Maryland:

Homeowner's Property Tax Credit Program

Homestead Tax Credit

Renters' Tax Credit

Disabled Veterans Exemption

Blind Persons Exemption


For a complete list of tax credits and exemptions, please refer to the State Website.

Deeds and Recordation

The City of Laurel does not maintain any deed or recordation information on properties located within the City limits. All recordation is handled through the Clerk of the Circuit Court, Prince George's County Courthouse, Main Street, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772.

Ownership changes for properties located within the City are reported to the Department of Budget and Personnel Services by the County, usually within one month of deed recordation. All name changes require the recording of a new deed at the Prince George's County Courthouse.

City Seal

Budget and Personnel Services

The Budget and Personnel Services Department ensures that adequate controls exist in order to protect the City's funds and maintains records of all financial transactions.