This position is responsible for reporting, shooting, and editing news stories and cover community events for Laurel TV.  This position is responsible for performing a variety of technical duties for Laurel TV. This position will work under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director but may also perform duties under the general supervision of the Director. Routine work will include researching, reporting, writing, shooting, and editing videotape, both in the studio and in the field. Some assignments may be done independently, or occasionally with a photographer or producer.



College senior with internship experience in TV news or production.  At least two years of broadcast reporting, writing and videography classes. Must be working towards a bachelor’s degree in communications, media relations, television production, broadcast journalism or a related journalism field. Must possess a valid Real ID Maryland Class C Driver’s license, or a comparable license issued by the employee’s state of residence, and a proven safe driving record. Must have the ability to operate a computer and be able to do digital editing on Adobe Premier or a comparable digital editing software. Must submit a resume tape and perform a real-time news shoot as an audition. EOE

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The Department of Communications provides useful information of public interest and importance to the community, residents and businesses within the city limits, as well as the greater Laurel area.

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