Michele Saylor

Michele Saylor

Director of Budget and Personnel Services

The Budget and Personnel Services Department's responsibility to the City of Laurel and its citizens is to ensure that adequate controls exist in order to protect the City's funds and maintain adequate and accurate records of all financial transactions. The Department of Budget and Personnel Services strives for the performance level necessary to achieve a favorable certified audit in order to maintain our current "A" bond rating and eligibility for Federal grant funds. 

The Department must maintain strict cash controls, diligent monitoring and reconciliation of monies to maintain adequate cash flow.

The City of Laurel accepts Mastercard and Visa. Effective 10/01/2010 there will be a minimum charge of $10 for credit card payments. Credit card payments are accepted at Laurel Municipal Center, Laurel Police Department, Robert J. DiPietro Community Center, Laurel Armory, Gude Lake, Laurel Pool and Greenview Pool.

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Personnel Services

The Department of Budget and Personnel Services is committed to providing the highest quality of service to the management staff, employees and employment candidates of the City of Laurel in all personnel matters by recruiting applicants, administering employee benefits, maintaining records and implementing City policies in a proficient, professional and equitable manner with respect for the privacy of the individual and free of prejudice or discrimination.

About Personnel Services

The Department of Budget and Personnel Services implements and manages a comprehensive employee program which involves recruitment, selection, training, compensation, benefits, workers' compensation, employee relations and communications.

This Department makes available to the City's employees accurate and timely information on policies, procedures, benefits and/or programs affecting their employment with the City.

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