Active Dates

Thursday, August 3, 2017 to Friday, August 4, 2017

SCAM ALERT: The City just received information that someone claiming to be from BG&E called a resident warning them their service would be cut off if they didn't pay over $700 immediately. ***THIS IS A SCAM!****

If you receive a call like this, hang up, call your local police department and report the incident and then call BG&E's Customer Service number at 1-800-685-0123 and let them know what has happened.

To be safe, here are a few other tips from BG&E to protect yourself from fraud:

* Customers should never open their door to someone they don’t recognize and should always ask for a photo ID through the door or window, especially if you did not request a visit from BGE.

* Do NOT provide any personal information to the caller; do NOT purchase a prepaid credit card or gift card. 

* If someone states he or she is a BGE employee and asks to enter your home or business, ask for their employee information. * If you are approached in person, ask to see photo identification, which should display the BGE logo, a name, photograph and identification number. Call BGE at 800.685.0123 and a representative can verify the employee and the nature of the visit or phone call. 

* Take note of BGE’s official methods of payment. Customers can pay their bills by calling the BGE customer contact center at 800.685.0123, online at, by mail and at authorized America’s Cash Express and Global Express locations. Customers can visit to learn more about payment options. 

* Trust your gut! If something seems suspicious, it probably is.

Protect yourself and your money!