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    This waiver, executed this day by a volunteer (hereinafter, "Volunteer"), in favor of the Mayor and City Council of Laurel, Maryland (hereinafter, "City"), a body corporate and politic in the State of Maryland.


    Whereas, Volunteer has agreed to participate as a Volunteer in a City-sponsored program; and

    Whereas, Volunteer wishes to release the City from and against any claim Volunteer has or may in the future have against City for injury of any type and kind that Volunteer may receive, directly or indirectly, from volunteer's participation in a City-sponsored program; and

    Whereas Volunteer also agrees to waive any and all claims, actions, and the like against the City arising out of Volunteer's participation.

    Now, therefore in consideration of the Volunteer being allowed to participate In the City program, as well as other good and valuable consideration, receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged by the Volunteer, he/she agrees as follows:

    Volunteer hereby waives and releases the City from and against any and all claims, suits, judgments, causes of action, and the like which may arise as a result of any injury to Volunteer, directly or indirectly, related to Volunteer's participation in a City-sponsored program or event. This waiver is to be interpreted in its broadest legal sense to protect the City against any such action by Volunteers.

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