How does it work?

A LiveScan Fingerprinting Technician will roll/scan applicant fingerprints and submit prints electronically to the State of Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) and, dependent upon the requirements of the background check, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Provided your prints are clear, it takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for a certified fingerprint technician to type in an applicant's information (i.e. Name, birth date, gender etc.) into the computer, scan applicant fingerprints and electronically transmit the information to CJIS and FBI.

Next, CJIS and FBI will process applicant criminal background checks using the applicant submitted information and fingerprints. CJIS and FBI background checks can take up to two or three days; however, some requests may take up to two weeks or longer depending on the information contained within the record, e.g., various name spellings/changes, or if applicant has a past criminal history.

Last, CJIS and the FBI will send applicant criminal history background checks directly to the requesting agency or employer as identified by the Authorization and/or ORI numbers.

Note: In the case of an individual/personal review, the information is sent directly to the person fingerprinted.

Applicants should allow a minimum of seven days before making a status inquiry. Please note: the City of Laurel Police Department does not receive the results of the background check. To inquire about the status of your background check, please refer to the phone number located on your fingerprinting receipt (not your payment receipt).

NOTE: A percentage of the population have fingerprints that are difficult for the LiveScan machine to detect. Fingerprints can be affected by age or exposure to certain types of work such as construction or from prolonged exposure to various chemicals. If you have dry skin, please moisturize your hands well, for 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment and hydrate by drinking plenty of water. This will improve the quality of your prints for easier detection. Hands must be washed just prior to prints being taken and cannot be moisturized after washing.

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