Why Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags?

Single-use plastic bags make up a portion of local litter as many bags end up in our trees, streets, parks, and waterways, blocking storm drains and polluting our environment. Unfortunately, according to the EPA, only about 3% of single-use plastic bags are recycled nationwide. Further, single-use plastic bags are not accepted in the City’s recycling program due to Prince George’s County restrictions from their Single-Stream Recycling Program and Materials Recycling Facility which receives all the City’s recyclable materials.

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1. Why did the City make these updates?
2. When does this Ordinance go into effect?
3. Why Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags?
4. Why charge for Paper Bags?
5. Is this a Tax?
6. How does this Ordinance Work?
7. Are there any Exemptions?
8. Are Restaurant Carry-Out bags included in the Ordinance?
9. How will the Ordinance be enforced?
10. What qualifies as a “Reusable Bag”?
11. I'm a business owner and need help!