Why did the City make these updates?

To encourage the use of reusable bags or no bags. Following the single-use plastic bag ban in the City of Laurel, the share of grocery shoppers using paper bags rose from less than 1% to 68%, while the share using reusable bags rose from 5% to only 14%, and no bag from 7% to 14%.  By requiring retailers to charge at least 10 cents for alternate bags (paper or reusable), we can help reduce the waste and litter caused by single bags.

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1. Why did the City make these updates?
2. When does this Ordinance go into effect?
3. Why Restrict Single-Use Plastic Bags?
4. Why charge for Paper Bags?
5. Is this a Tax?
6. How does this Ordinance Work?
7. Are there any Exemptions?
8. Are Restaurant Carry-Out bags included in the Ordinance?
9. How will the Ordinance be enforced?
10. What qualifies as a “Reusable Bag”?
11. I'm a business owner and need help!