How do I prepare a special pickup?

Special pickup items must be set out to the curb before 7 am the morning of the collection. For your convenience items may be set out after 7:30 am on the Saturday before the scheduled pickup. If you have a homeowner's association (HOA) they may have more restrictive requirements on when items may be set out.

Items must be at the curb or as close to the street as possible. We can not come onto your private property to collect items placed against the house, under a deck, etc.

Please separate your metal items from your regular household goods. The Department has separate trucks to collect metal items and regular household items.

During the day of your pickup, you may find half of the pile has been taken and the other half was "missed." This may be because one truck (metal truck or household truck) has been through but the other has not. If you believe your items were missed please call the office the next day (Thursday) so we can return your items.

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