What is compostable?

Compostable Items List

Food ItemsOther Items
Fruits and Vegetables
Corrugated fruit and vegetable boxes
Bread, pasta, grains (no raw dough)
Paper ice cream containers
Eggs and Egg Shells
Compostable bags
Coffee grounds and filters (no "Keurig style" cups)
Grass and Leaves (no sticks or branches)
Tea bags - loose tea
Paper Towels, Napkins - kitchen only
Meat (including bones)
Paper plates - only uncoated or compostable
Dairy Products - Milk, butter, cheese - No containers!
Food-soiled newspaper
Seafood (including shellfish)
Pizza boxes - clean or "greasy"
Leftover and spoiled food
Paper bags (uncoated) with or without food scraps
N/AApproved compostable tableware
N/AAnimal hair and dryer lint

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