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Secondhand Shopping in Laurel

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The Laurel area is home to a variety of second-hand, thrift, and consignment shops where shoppers can find clothing, home goods, books, music, appliances, and much more. Buying secondhand gives you not only more bang for your buck, but also has enormous environmental benefits:

  • It extends the life of an individual item
  • Keeps items out of the landfill, particularly those made from synthetic materials that take longer to decompose
  • By shopping locally and buying reused you are reducing your carbon footprint
  • Reducing water consumption - manufacturing textiles consumes a lot of water!
  • Many second-hand stores have a charitable component with direct support going right to the community

Secondhand Stores

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Consignment Stores

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Other ways to Secondhand Shop

  • Facebook 'Marketplace'
  • NextDoor 'Finds'
  • Newspaper classified ads
  • Yard sales
  • Estate sales

Buy Nothing Groups

Learn about the Buy Nothing Project or read what Fortune Magazine has to say about this hyper-local gifting network.