Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology is committed to providing the systems necessary to enable employees to achieve their goals, to support computer training throughout the City, and to assist the City in effective management, administration and service operation and in delivery of its services; to provide the widest possible access to computer systems; and, to provide appropriate support in the use of these systems.


We provide integrated information technology support for the City's communication systems (computers, phones, pagers, radios, voice, etc.).

The primary responsibility of the Department is to oversee all facets of administrative computing. The major areas of concentration are:

  • Providing technical support in evaluating, selecting, implementing, and maintaining systems and application software
  • Developing and maintaining user-defined systems
  • Developing information processing policies and procedures
  • Insuring the security of all communication and computer operations
  • Developing and implementing office automation systems
  • Developing and implementing strategic, tactical, and operational plans in the process of evaluating and selecting hardware and software
  • Reporting regularly on performance in carrying out these responsibilities to the City administrator.