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City of Laurel residents, creatives and story tellers from across the DMV, the City now has place where your voice can be heard. Our state-of-the-art studio has all the features for producing audio and video podcasts. The rise of the podcast over the course of the past decade and a half has profoundly changed the way in which consumers engage with media – and, by extension, the ways in which companies and leaders can reach target audiences more effectively. By examining the podcast’s astonishing growth and its current trends, we can better understand this medium’s profound applications for thought leadership across all industries. This is an optimal time for the City of Laurel to launch a podcast room as the rate of growth for podcasters is outpacing the number of available facilities.

We have several options for new and veteran podcasters. Podcast City Studios offers annual memberships as well as short term use options. Some of the ammennities include a technician to assist with the taping of your episodes, the ability to do interviews from anywhere via zoom, plus audio and video editing services depending on which membership is chosen. Click the link to the left to read the Member Guide for the full details. You can also review the price guide below.

Happy podcasting!!!

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