List of Committees

The City of Laurel depends on its citizens for ideas, input and suggestions in order to run the City government efficiently and effectively.

Toward that end, the Mayor and City Council have established numerous Boards, Committees and Commissions which are staffed by elected officials, City employees and volunteer citizens.

The City Council also participates in the Maryland Municipal League, the Prince George's County Municipal Association and the Baltimore/Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce and are actively involved in community promotions.

Maryland municipalities have the authority to establish advisory boards, commissions, and committees through Article 23A, Section 2 of the Annotated Code of Maryland. In addition, a municipal charter may include the general power to create boards, commissions  and committees. In Article 66B of the Annotated Code, the state government authorizes the creation of certain committees such as the Planning Board, Board of Appeals, and Historic District Commission. 

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