Moderate Priced Housing (MPDU)

Moderate Priced Housing is intended to assist with the housing needs of residents approaching retirement age, with consequent fixed or reduced incomes, young adults of modest means forming new households, public sector employees in moderate income ranges who wish to live within the City.

  • This group includes persons on fixed incomes, teachers, firemen, police, rescue and other public safety personnel, medical technicians and other hospital workers, nurses, and municipal employees.
  • Qualification is done through income restrictions administered by the City of Laurel.
  • Moderate Priced Housing is intended for those targeted occupations, which generally do not qualify because of levels of income to buy or rent housing in Laurel.
  • Income is 80% of the mean income for a defined area for moderately priced dwelling units.
  • Moderate Priced Dwelling Unit’s that are resold during the first thirty (30) years, after the original sale, shall not be resold for a price greater than the original selling price, plus a percentage of the unit’s original selling price equal to the increase in the cost-of-living, as determined by the Consumer Price Index, the fair market value of improvements made to the unit, an allowance for closing costs, and a reasonable sales commission if the unit is not sold within sixty (60) days to an eligible person.
  • For Moderate Priced Dwelling rental units, the amount shall be set at the beginning of the lease, and adjusted no more than 3% or the prevailing Consumer Price Index during the length of residency.  Movement to other rental units shall be regulated by a re-analysis of the income and qualifying guidelines.


Getting Started in the MPDU Process

2013 Adjusted Median Household Income (80%):

  • 1   person household $46,750
  • 2   person household $53,400
  • 3   person household $60,100
  • 4   person household $66,750
  • 5   person household $72,100
  • 6   person household $77,450
  • 7   person household $82,800
  • 8+ person household $88,150


What types of units are available through the MPDU program?

Since this is a new program it is anticipated that two and three bedroom units will be available for purchase under the Laurel MPDU program.

Rentals will generally be one or two bedroom apartment units, and will be identical to the market rate units in the apartment complex. There may also be a few studio or efficiency apartments that will be available under the program.

Who is considered part of my household? In addition to my spouse and children, can I include my parents, siblings, or cousins?

Members of the household are those relations that are claimed as your dependents.  In order to include your adult children who are in college or are students, your parents, siblings, or other relations as part of your household, they must have been claimed as dependents on your federal income taxes for at least one year, otherwise their income is part of the household income.  Even though you may be responsible for their care, they must be claimed as dependents on your taxes to be included as part of your household for the purpose of the City of Laurel MPDU Program.

Renting an MPDU

What are the MPDU rents?

MPDU rents are based on a formula in the MPDU Code.  Maximum monthly MPDU rents are as follows (includes utilities):

  • 1 bedroom   $1,605    
  • 2 bedrooms $1,926   
  • 3 bedrooms $2,226    
  • 4 bedrooms $2,482    

These rents apply to units for which rental contracts are written after the July 1, 2014 effective date.

Note: Rents may not be increased until existing lease terms expire.

How does a person apply for a rental unit?

Applications shall be made through the individual property management offices. A list of rental developments that contain MPDU units and their contact information will be provided once units are constructed/available in the City of Laurel.

Is there a special provision for citizens over age 55 to get priority to rent MPDU’s?

Yes.  When a citizen over age 55 applies to rent a unit at designated rental communities, they may be given priority over other persons who are waiting to rent MPDU’s.  The priority provision may also be extended to other MPDU’s as they become available.

The City's Role in the MPDU Program 

What is the control period for MPDU’s?  What does this mean in terms of reselling a unit?

The Mayor and City Council amended the City Code in March of 2008 to include a Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program effective July 1, 2009.  Under the legislation, the control period for both rental and for sale units is 30 years.

Units offered for sale may be resold during the 30-year control period.  However, the resale price is controlled through the MPDU program.  When an owner desires to sell a unit, they request a resale price determination from the program.  This generally includes the cost of any capital improvements made to the unit and an allowance for the increase in value of the unit during the period between the date of original settlement and the date of resale.  The increase in value is based on the Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). 

If a MPDU is sold or resold after the 30-year control period the restrictions on resale no longer apply.






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